Budget, Taxes & Governance

A balanced budget, low taxation, sensible regulations and efficient government prioritize the private sector, encourage economic growth and let Texans keep more of what they earn.

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Business & Economic Development

Texas is a great place to start and grow business, launch a career, or raise a family thanks to conservative solutions that encourage entrepreneurship, investment, business expansion and job growth.


The more than 1-in-5 Texans enrolled in a school, college or university deserve a high-quality, innovative education which prepares them to thrive in a globally competitive, knowledge economy.

Health Care & Human Services

Individuals, families, businesses and taxpayers demand conservative results for health and welfare that expand access to health care providers, lower costs and improve quality in Texas.


Safe, efficient and reliable transportation requires conservative solutions for the highways, railways, airports and waterways that carry people, goods and services in all corners of our large, fast-growing state.